If you ever watch and think ‘How do they finish each others sentences like that, it’s uncanny’ - then you should know that I have had TK in my head for the past ten years. Quite literally. While Tommy enjoyed the fine dinning and hospitality world of the Fox Sports 1 Booth, I was down risking life and limb in the IMSA Weathertech pitlane. What a world of extremes that was. Whether in the blazing heat or the pouring rain we had a connection. I would be using my extraordinary powers of self-preservation to bring the viewers the story from the middle of the action and I would hear TK chime in with ‘Hey JB, can you head down to ask the #10 whether they are ok on fuel?’ and I would think ‘Hey TK, no worries, its only half-a-mile away down the other end of pitlane so let me jump right on that for you my friend’. It was synergystic. 

But now we are both there in the paddock together in the flesh. Blazing a new trail and having the most fun since people used to know how fast we were.

The son of someone who was big in the Eighties, Justin Bell had a rollercoaster racing career that saw him win the GT2 class at Le Mans in 1998, and the GT2 world Championship in 1997. Talking faster than he drove, he then forged a tremendous career in TV and web hosting that saw him end up without a job


He was big the 90’s!  Tommy Kendall is the epitome of a fading legend.  A Hall of Fame racing career, but people only ask him about his Chicken Car named, El Gallo.  He was almost unstoppable (winning 11 straight races in 1997) until he wasn’t. In 1986 became the youngest IMSA champion and until last year, the only double champion.  4 more IMSA titles and 4 Trans Am titles followed before he became unemployable in 1998, only to land on his feet in television.  TK thought commentating was as good as it could be until he could figure out a way to go to the races without working and still get paid.  Enter Justin and his crazy idea for The Torque Show and here we are.


Beginning January 24 with The Torque Show’s premiere at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, show cohosts Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall will bring the dynamic world of IMSA racing to life through a daily live-streaming show right from the heart of the action.

The Torque Show

Before there were lifestyle bloggers, there were real lifestyles lived by real people.   Of all the lifestyles lived, none perhaps was richer than the pinnacle of professional sports car racing:  brave drivers, exotic machinery, danger, beautiful women, money, and drama.  This is not hyperbole.  Everyone wanted to be a rock star, the rock stars wanted to be movie stars and the biggest movie stars want to be race car drivers;  Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and Patrick Dempsey, to name a few.  Nothing compared to real heroes testing themselves against their own fears, their competitors and fate, driving real fire-breathing experimental race cars, putting real lives on the line, immersed in the sexiest, most glamorous world you could imagine.  That was IMSA then and that is IMSA today as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. 


In IMSA, like every other gathering, there is the one group that is having the most fun, the fun table, so to speak.  It’s where the larger than life personalities gravitate to and with them everyone’s eyes and attention.  It’s where the best stories are told, the most laughter is heard, and the best times are had.  Back in the day, it was perhaps Gianpiero Moretti’s transporter where he made his signature pasta for the titans of industry and the assortment of interesting, smart and beautiful people that congregated there. 


Today, in the IMSA paddock, it is with Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall on The Torque Show set.  Nothing against lifestyle bloggers, but they capture a lifestyle in one or two dimensions and usually just a veneer that represents the lifestyle. 

The Torque Show is going to bring this world in all of its three dimensional richness to fans around the world.  It is where everyone will naturally gather to hear their heroes share stories of the big wins, wild moments, heartbreaks, and some of the stuff not fit for television. 

We will break down the action, take part in some good-natured ribbing, mediate some disputes, and do a little bit of celebrating too.  


Our Partners

Michelin is the Presenting Sponsor for The Torque Show.

Michelin becomes the Official Tire of IMSA in 2019 and tire partner for the IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship as well as the IMSA Michelin Challenge. Endurance racing has long been a platform for product development and technical partnerships with manufacturer brands.

Distribution of The Torque Show is on the MotorTrend Facebook page LIVE, and available on its award winning MotorTrend YouTube Channel


“IMSA and its fans should be looking forward to The Torque Show with Justin and Tommy,” IMSA Vice President, Marketing David Pettit said. “We continue to look for new ways to engage our fan base and their show should be a “must-visit” for them when they are at one of our races.”

“Considering the combined experience and breadth of knowledge that both Justin Bell and Tommy Kendall bring from the sportscar series platform, it was an easy decision to jump on the opportunity to be involved with The Torque Show from its inception at the upcoming 2019 Daytona Rolex 24.  The WeatherTech SportsCar Championship is the preeminent sportscar racing series in North America and partnering with IMSA as its Official Fuel Provider continues to be a key component of our overall business strategy,” said Donato Bonacquisto, Director of Marketing at VP Racing Fuels.


Airstream, manufacturer of the iconic “silver bullet” travel trailer, is the longest-tenured recreational vehicle manufacturer in the world. The company’s mission, as set forth by founder Wally Byam, is to create well-designed, high-quality products that allow people to follow their dreams and explore the world in home-like comfort.

Airstream is based in Jackson Center, Ohio, where a team of skilled craftspeople builds each trailer by hand, adding daily to the brand’s reputation for quality and innovation.

Airstream has provided a 23-foot International Signature Travel Trailer which will serve as the backdrop of the show on-site at race locations, and will double as a mobile studio for The Torque Show team.


The Torque Show will be LIVE on MotorTrend Facebook starting

Thursday 24th January at 12pm.

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