“For me photography is an extension of my life as a storyteller. I am so privileged to be a part of a world inhabited by fascinating people with a shared passion. Racing is a community where trust is a commodity that can literally save your life. Even as a member of that community you have to have respect for the situation, an understanding that timing can make the difference, and know when to make your move. In that way, shooting with my Leica gives me a tangible thrill as I see the story unfolding and I get a slither of time to capture the image. I am not a Pro, I have at best a basic understanding of the technical side of photography, but throughout my whole life I have been attracted to the light and for me that is what these images are. Moments when the light caught my eye and I wanted to remember it forever."

In between the energetic pace of life on The Torque Show set I will try and get portraits of our guests and share them with you here for the 2019 IMSA season.

Each of my prints is limited to 24 (in homage to Le Mans) and signed by me and the subject where possible.