Rolex Daytona 24 | Livestream 3 | The Torque Show

It is Race-Day at Daytona International Speedway and TK and JB are ready for the start but before that there is the pre-race Torque Show! We have the big boss, a true race fan, Yahn Heurlin from Michelin join us to talk about the brand and the huge involvement with IMSA for 2019. Legendary Le Mans Winner Derek Bell came to share his stories of racing at Daytona as well as show his support for JB on the first weekend for The Torque Show. All was going well until Kevin Jeanette just walked on and crashed the set - which was fun as you can imagine especially when we talked my brief Porsche tractor racing career ! Also coming back on the set (he must have no where else to hang out) was equally legendary crew chief Dan Binks who seemed remarkably calm for a man about to try and win the Rolex, again!